Viva Superstars changes its name to Magycal


Viva Superstars has adopted a new identity leaving behind an outdated name. Initially, the company was focused just on projects for “Super Stars”. This is the case of Viva Ronaldo’s App, which had become the official social network of the worlds’ best player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

This change expresses the company’s growth in the market, which has spread out to award-winning entertainment products in the TV industry with reality shows and talent shows (Big Brother, Secret Story, Biggest Deal, Love on Top), in the music business (Best Seat) and sports (Podium and Hub Digital SPORT TV).

Thanks to our world-class platform Magycal, previously created by the company, all products provide a set of interactive, passionate, and magical “second screen” experiences for the audience.

The name Magycal comes naturally to create consistency with the work the company currently does, and also to bond with the scalable platform that underpins the company.

In addition, Magycal presents a complete restyling of the logo and website. In the new color palette, where stood only blue colours, there are now yellows and oranges that bring the magic of light to the darker environments of “show business”.

Magycal remains with the same team and marks a new step, entering the international market with the same belief – that cutting-edge technology combined with creativity allows people to be connected in social innovative ways.


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