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The ultimate audience engagement for world-class brands.

Magycal is a company created by leading digital media experts to revolutionise the way people connect and interact with digital content, television shows and live events. Thanks to our world-class platform, we bring to life products featuring a unique set of social, entertainment and second screen experiences to provide our partners with the ultimate audience engagement experience.
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Audience Engagement with Live Streams

Engage your audience in breakthrough experiences during live events with thrilling interactions, such as real-time competitions, polls, quizzes, and intertwined information generated though state-of-the-art AI.

Create a new TV show format based on real-time quizzes, enhance your live sports broadcast with smart information about athletes, or deliver a new kind of music concert where performers and spectators have a seamless interaction. The possibilities are limitless.

Community Building Tools

Create a strong community around your brand and let it thrive with crowd-sourcing activities, 24/7 real-time chats, engaging friend systems, and sharing capabilities.

By developing a vibrant fan community around a theme, users will be eager to return on a regular basis, creating not only a stronger connection with the brand, but also opening up the possibility to generate extra revenue streams.

Extra Revenue Streams

Generate new revenues from targeted sponsor campaigns and by converting free users to premium through digital subscriptions and in-app purchases, using credit cards, ATM, Direct Carrier Billing, Premium SMS, or Paypal. 

You will be able to monetise your audience giving users access to a wide range of features, like watching live streams, participating in polls and quizzes, unlocking exclusive content, or chatting with celebrities.