The ultimate Interactive Broadcast engagement in OTT, Second Screen and Digital Experiences.

Magycal is a company created by leading digital media experts to revolutionise the way people connect and interact with digital content, television shows and live events. 

Thanks to our groundbreaking technology and creativity, we bring to life a unique set of Over-the-Top Solutions (OTT), Second Screen Experiences and Digital Solutions. These are designed to elevate the interactive broadcast experience for our partners, striving to set new benchmarks in audience connection and engagement.

Say hello to the next-gen OTT solution.

The Magycal OTT is much more than a regular Over-the-Top Solution. It provides a seamless, engaging, and vibrant interactive broadcast experience allowing your viewers not only to watch live streams and VOD content but also to engage them through a wide array of interactive features. If you’re looking for a highly innovative solution, capable of taking your audience by storm, you are at the right place.

Deliver your next great second screen experience.

Our second screen solution transforms TV shows and live events into interactive adventures. Viewers enjoy enhanced engagement through features like quizzes, polls, and live chats, seamlessly accessible from their mobile devices, turning every moment into an interactive broadcast experience. Rely on our 10+ years of expertise in second screen application development to seamlessly integrate and elevate your content, ensuring your audience enjoys a unique interactive journey.

Breakthrough digital experiences for world-class brands.

We’re all about crafting imaginative, interactive digital experiences that foster authentic brand-user bonds. With our cutting-edge tech and creative Magycians, we’re here to bring your wildest ideas to life. Whether you’re looking to deeply engage your users with an immersive social app, showcase your brand through a trailblazing website, or launch an extraordinary marketing campaign for your latest product – we have the magic to make it happen.
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