What we stand for.

The culture that define us.

Our success at Magycal isn’t just measured by our award-winning products, but also by the incredible team behind them. Guided by nine core values, we foster a healthy workplace, drive innovation, and build lasting relationships. These principles not only shape our culture but also our achievements in creating user-centric solutions.

User Experience First

At Magycal, all our projects are always carefully thought with the end-user in mind. We believe that to deliver great user experiences, we need to put ourselves on end-user shoes, therefore we use our projects on a daily basis. The goal of each discipline within Magycal - whether is programming, design, or sales - is aligned to put user experience at front and center, creating a shared philosophy across the company.

Team Work!

Like in team sports, no one wins alone. If someone is in need of help, a team mate is there to help. If someone fails, the whole team fails and raises together. So, instead of pointing fingers at who is to blame, we devise how we can prevent failure in the future. We always work together, we sometimes lose together, and we repeatedly win together.

Commit to Quality

At Magycal, our core values drive us to always strive to deliver top-quality solutions and our team knows that “good” is not good enough. Our commitment to high quality is present in every facet of our company’s daily activity.

Be Creative!

The Ultimate Piggy Race. A pig race with plushes from all the corners of the world, which was broadcasted live during Web Summit. Yup. We did that. It started with a crazy idea of a snail race from one of our colleagues, which quickly evolved with the feedback from the whole team. That’s an example where Magycal stands: at the intersection of creativity and technology, where we love to hear what everyone has to say. Even how crazy it may sound!

Last Mile

As Yoda once said: “do or do not, there is no try”. We embrace that philosophy by acknowledging that a product is not completed until everything is finished. There is a thin line between almost finishing and actually finishing it, and sometimes that is what separates failure from success.

Be Responsible

All tasks are important. Any deadline can be decisive. Being part of our team means personal freedom and empowerment but also high responsibility. Unlike in large corporations, you clearly feel that your work is important and really makes a difference. And it does. That’s why we all share the power to influence and the responsibility to deliver.

Speak Your Voice

To be at the top of our game and do the best work possible, we need to be in an environment where we feel good with ourselves. So, we empower everyone to share their opinions and suggestions about the company’s methodologies, processes and operation, in order to provide a better workplace for everyone.

Let’s Grow Together​​​​

Some of Magycal’s founders have a sound scientific research background and in academia, where continuous learning and constant collaboration are key to success. Maybe that’s why we want our team to grow with us, to continuously learn and evolve, to be part of our success. We believe in long-term work relationships that become more rewarding and exciting over time and we are very proud of Magycal’s negligible employee churn.

We Bring It

It’s very common for our clients and partners to ask us for open-ended proposals, where the features and concepts are not entirely set from the get-go. That’s because, they know that we bring it. We bring creative and exciting experiences for end-users. We bring innovative solutions for technical challenges. We bring personalised and flexible integrations for the client’s tools. We bring new revenue streams for digital platforms. That’s why that when you are at Magycal, you’re on Team Bring It.

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