Our motivation. Our belief. Our dream.

Bringing people together drives us to transcend the limits of what is possible.

At Magycal, our mission has always been to bridge connections between people and their passions — what they watch, what they follow, what they love. We’re dedicated to pioneering the future of TV by innovating new ways for digital content and video streaming to become more interactive. Our vision transforms screens into communal spaces for viewing, engaging, and social sharing, embodying the next evolution of television.

the future of tv

TV Shows and Live Events

Watch. Experience.

It is undeniable that television has the power to bring people together. When the first television sets were launched in the late 1920s, families and friends gathered in their living rooms to watch amazing experiences. However, throughout the years, the television industry has become stalled, and the magic that surrounded television has slowly faded away…

That is why we created our world-class platform: to recapture the excitement and fascination of watching television. Regardless of whether it is a talent show broadcast on television, a music concert streamed on a website or a VOD comedy series available on a mobile application, we know we can take those experiences to the next level.

Magycal (named after the intersection of the word magical + Generation Y, also known as the millennial generation) aims to power-up beautiful first screen and second screen experiences.

And now, live streaming is changing broadcasts from the same-content-for-everyone to the specific-content-for-each-spectator paradigm. We are entering a new era of television that is bringing a personalized watching experience for each and every spectator.

Watching content is a thing of the past – now, people want to experience it.

Today, more than watching, we want people to become part of the experiences. We want to create social and interactive activities that transcend the limits of what is possible. We want people to live what they watch.

Digital Content

Interactive. Social. Magycal.

The human being had always the desire to connect with others. The first societies trace back to Mesopotamia in 3000 BC and were built on the foundations where people needed each other to live and to evolve. Fast-forward 5000 years and these facts are still true today. Only one thing has changed. Today we don’t need to be on the same physical space to socialize: we can share intangible digital spaces with others, regardless of where we live.

With this in mind, we have been creating a new paradigm of fan engagement to provide digital communities with thrilling interactions, captivating involvement and unique experiences, keeping fans connected with their passions on a regular basis. Our community-building framework, social sharing capabilities and content crowd-sourcing tools will keep audiences and followers connected 24/7 to a world-class brand.

Data collected from all user interactions, which includes emotion sharing, contests, polls, trivia competitions or social activities is used to provide brands with key insights, audience feedback and machine-generated features.

Magycal is building upon its world-class platform and digital expertise to become a key player in this new extraordinary digital era.

Moreover, with our digital solutions, we are delivering lucrative apps with millions of users, either through digital membership packages, in-app purchases or unique sponsoring opportunities.