Interactive Live Formats for sports

Interactive OTT

Build a revolutionary interactive OTT solution from the ground up that accommodates SPORT TV channels, VOD, and digital content.

Personalised Notifications

Notify users of their favourite matches and events through personalised push notifications in real-time.

Live Match Center

Provide a live match center where users can access information about the latest match highlights, stats, lineups, and videos.

VOD Digital Library

Foster content consumption through a beautiful digital library of video-on-demand content, that prompts users to come back to the platform throughout the week.

Best App

of the year, in the category of sports and culture in Portugal in 2019.


registered users.

4 Million

hours watched on average per month of live channels and VOD content.

+33 Million

events generated by users.


The SPORT TV DIGITAL HUB developed for the leading Portuguese Sports TV network, SPORT TV, is delivering a whole new level of engagement to their audience. It is a 360º solution for all SPORT TV’s digital content, offering a variety of live content, video-on-demand (VOD), live scores and up-to-date information of the major soccer leagues. Moreover, users can set up personalised notifications for their favourite teams, competitions, matches, or TV shows, in order to never miss a broadcast or live event.

The SPORT TV DIGITAL HUB was developed based on the latest trends on the HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) field, providing a simple, engaging and rewarding experience to all sports fans. From SPORT TV’s point of view, it allows the brand to obtain new subscribers through user interaction, extend the audience’s average time spent, fight online piracy and retain existing subscribers.

Interactive OTTs for sports

“The SPORT TV DIGITAL HUB allows sports fans to connect and interact with our live channels and extensive video archive in unprecedented new ways. We truly believe that our brand new OTT is setting a new standard for the digital TV experience.”

Tiago Esteves, Sales & Marketing Director, SPORT TV
Pedro Pinto

Good evolution from the previous app. Way more intuitive and with a lot of new content, easily accessible.

Mauro Nunes

Amazing App, very complete and super interesting. I highly recommend!

Nuno Carvalho

Super complete and easy to use. Congratulations!

Ricardo Valentim

Up until now this new version is way better than the previous one.