Allow users to use their mobile carrier wallet in a simple and intuitive way.

Intuitive Highlights

Develop an intuitive highlight system with shortcuts to the most commonly used features in the app.

Voting System

Promote the audience to vote through the app instead of using the traditional IVR systems.

24/7 Chats

Foster community building around the show participants.


registered users.


number of votes in polls so far.


of users online at any given time.


profitable application through premium features.

Big Brother

The granddaddy of them all: Big Brother. The iconic TV show returns to TVI, 20 years after taking the world by storm. For the first time in Portugal, Big Brother has its own fan engagement app, developed in partnership between Media Capital Digital and Magycal. The app features a flexible voting system, exclusive content, possibility to watch the weekly episodes, different communities for users to support their favourite contestants and connect with other viewers in real time, among other features. Besides providing a VIP membership and a set of credit packs that can be bought to unlock several premium features, users can also use their mobile carrier wallet to participate in polls, in a simple and intuitive way. This results in higher rates of user conversion, as early results show an impressive number of votes in the first weeks of the TV show.
digital voting system for reality shows
“This is the TV show of the year.”

Cláudio Ramos, TV Superstar


Aaaa, I really love the app. I can’t watch it on my Tv Screen, so you guys helped me a lot. I give you 5 stars!

Rosa Maria Moreira

I love to know everything that is happening in the house, and this is definitely the best way!

Mary Nunes

I really like the app because we can discuss the shows with other people.

Francisco Dias Leal

Good Application. It has a great structure and is much needed to follow all the house’s news.