How the Big Brother App creates interaction between viewers and the reality show

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The Big Brother App has established itself as a key factor to engage viewers with the popular reality show. Apart from voting, users can interact directly with the house thanks to the new interactive features of our apps for reality shows:

Questionnaires: viewers share their opinion and receive valuable information through questionaries. In the Big Brother App, users can share their opinion regarding who they think is the best contestant, their guess on who is staying or leaving the house, among other situations.

Polls: we give users the opportunity to influence the daily life of contestants inside the house through polls. For instance, users can choose who deserves to face a challenge and win a prize. This is a powerful tool for the BigBrother production team since they can conduct the program according to the users’ choices.

Chats: by allowing users to interact between them, interaction with the content is also fostered. On the Big Brother chat users discuss and comment on contestants and events, which further builds the buzz surrounding the reality show.

In the app, users not only watch the tv show’s live streaming, but they are also constantly interacting and participating in the reality show. With these features the Big Brother App becomes a truly interactive second screen app, fostering even more fan engagement.

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