Magycal Returns to CABSAT: Showcasing Innovation and Expanding Global Reach in MEASA


We are delighted to announce our second consecutive visit to CABSAT, a leading event for media and entertainment in Dubai, held from May 21st to 24th. This year, CABSAT celebrated its 30th anniversary as one of the only dedicated events that attract over 18,000 industry professionals and media markets in the MEASA region.



Magycal once again had the honour of showcasing the Magycal OTT platform, highlighting its latest features and updates. This event provided a fantastic opportunity to deepen our commercial relationships and establish new partnerships. Our ongoing internationalisation strategy aims to expand Magycal’s presence worldwide, in this case specifically targeting the Middle East, Africa, and Southern Asia (MEASA) regions.

:sparkles: Let’s make the world Magycal together :blue_heart:




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