App features that foster sports fans engagement

sports fans engagement

User engagement is deeply connected to the profitability and success of your second screen app, as engaged users are usually more loyal, profitable, and willing to talk positively about your app.

Based on our experience with the SPORT TV App, here are some Sports Fans Engagement features that allow teams, leagues, and producers to connect and deepen their relationships with sports fans:

VOD: video-on-demand content is used to keep users updated and foster content consumption, without the constraints of a typical broadcasting schedule. Sports fans are always looking for the most recent news regarding their favorite team/competition, so it’s necessary to create a place where they can continuously come to consume content on a daily basis.

Meaningful and Personalized Notifications: notifications are a great way to personalize your user experience and make them come back to your App. In the Sport TV App we use notifications to let users know when a game is about to start when a goal is scored, among others.

Relevant Information delivered in real-time: while watching live matches in the SPORT TV app and website, users receive contextual information about what is happening. Information such as, how many goals the player on screen has scored, is shown on screen when the player is the focus of the broadcast.

These features foster engagement to the point that our users spend about 4 million hours on average per month consuming content. Yet, we deliver many other features designed for sports lovers that nurture interaction and engagement.  Find all about our latest updates on the SPORT TV app here.


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