How we can help you monetize your audience

The benefits of creating second screen experiences for viewers go far beyond audience engagement. Second screen apps allow you to monetize your audience and generate extra revenues.

Based on our expertise and vast experience with second screen apps for sports and reality TV shows, take a look at our monetised solutions for apps:

Targeted Ads: a second screen app allows brands to do highly targeted campaigns. Due to the transformation of the media landscape, advertisers are looking for new ways to reach consumers. Therefore, ads on second screen apps have become very appealing.

Subscriptions: privileged access to high quality content and certain features are a great impetus for subscribing. The SPORT TV App generates revenues from subscriptions through which subscribers have access to premium live content.

VIP Users: with second screen apps you can also create VIP access by allowing users to do more actions inside your app. For instance, in the Big Brother App, VIP users can make questions to the contestants and vote on their favourites.

In-app Purchases: a great way to reach both casual and hardcore users. Users can acquire a couple of credits just to show their support for a contestant, or a high volume of credits to make a big impact in the future of the TV show.

We have been able to monetise audiences thanks to our world-class platform. Get to know more about our platform here.


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