Global Audience

Thoroughly test our platform with a huge global audience.

Fan Engagement

Develop a vibrant fan community around Cristiano Ronaldo, providing an intense all week-long engagement.

Meet the Idol

Make fans feel closer than ever to their idol.

Second Screen Experience

Allow fans to feel and share similar emotions to those experienced at the venue through an amazing second screen experience.


countries represented in a global community of highly engaged fans.

10 Million
in-app user interactions.

1.1 Million

predictions and bets made by users.


prizes and digital awards won by fans including a VIP experience with Ronaldo for the Season winner.

Viva Ronaldo

Viva Ronaldo provides a unique entertainment, gaming and social following experience for Cristiano Ronaldo fans, bringing them closer than ever to their idol. It features a beautiful News Feed integrating all Ronaldo’s social media activity and top fans’ posts, a thrilling Play section where fans can enter their bets for the next match, and exciting thematic events so fans can share photos and videos supporting Ronaldo, who likes and comments on his favourites.

Viva Ronaldo also features a one-of-a-kind second screen experience during Cristiano’s matches, allowing fans to answer real-time polls, trivia questions, key moments about what will happen next, and even predict that a goal is about to happen, all together with thousands of other fans.

‘I am extremely happy with my involvement in this company, and I believe Viva Ronaldo is really a unique experience to my fans.’

Cristiano Ronaldo, Sports Superstar

Paula Ronaldo

Viva Ronaldo, you make me happy!

Ciara Frame

The Você na TV app is the best app ever created.

Muhammad Iqbal

Thank you Viva Ronaldo for providing such a great platform for Cristiano’s true fans!

Lenin Mesa

Thanks to Viva Ronaldo. I have spent great moments in the last year. Without doubt the best app out there.