Interactive Experience

Allow users to visit the different businesses featured on the TV show.

Rating System

Enable Users to express their opinion towards specific businesses.

24/7 Chats

Foster community building around the show participants and businesses.

Businesses Spotlight

Introduce a brand new section that allows users to interact with the most prominent content.

Nearly 100

business services available to be consumed by users.


video visualisations.


applications to enter the TV show.


ratings done by users.

Biggest Deal

With the Biggest Deal official application, users can access the TV show content in interactive new ways! 

The main area of the application has several highlights that navigate users to the different sections, in particular the News Feed, Polls & Results, Contestants and Businesses. Not only users can rate the different businesses, but they can also apply to visit them, making this a unique feature never seen before on television! This way viewers become part of the TV show and are featured throughout the week on different TV spots. 

Finally, users can also chat with other TV viewers to discuss the different contestants and businesses, watch the show live 24/7 (through a subscription) and adquire credit packs, enabling them to vote on their favourite contestants.

‘Besides selling entertainment we also provide a experience to the TV viewers that visit the TV show.’

Bruno Santos, Program Director, TVI


Dynamic and always updated. Congratulations!

Hugo Matias

I loved this application!

Luís Cruz


Zack Zane

Very good, I loved it! #vski