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OTT stands for over-the-top media services and refers to the offering of media streaming content via the internet. The content is served over different devices, including traditional TV.

For instance, our award-winning OTT TV solution designed for SPORT TV includes both an app and a responsive website. In the last years, this service has experienced exponential growth due to its multiple advantages:

Convenience: users can access your content from anywhere at any time by just logging into their accounts, making it easier and convenient for users to consume your content.

Content Variety: thanks to VOD you can offer a wide range of content to answer your audience needs.

Interaction: an OTT does more than just providing content. With the right features, it can provide a highly interactive, entertaining, and social experience 24/7.

Powerful Analytics: an OTT solution gives you more precise data about your audience than traditional media. You can have access to demographic information, analyze your audience behavior, and more.

Fight Piracy: by providing content that cannot be replicated on illegal video streams.

As you may see there are multiple advantages in taking the next step and developing an OTT. Now you just need to find the right solution for your audience. Find out more about our OTT Solution here.


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