Different platform. More magical.

Our powerhouse OTT platform contains the same DNA found in our global platform: a seamless, interactive, and vibrant solution to watch and engage with live streams, featuring a wide array of interactive features.

It offers not only a seamless viewing experience, where users access live streams or VOD on smartphones, tablets or laptops, but also a personalised real-time notification engine, which provides users with real-time events, such as the latest goals, results and major events, according to the users’ interests. But that is not all.

Our OTT platform also features a groundbreaking machine learning system that presents contextual information related to what is happening live on the TV channel. So, whether you are a TV network, TV producer, or a live event organiser, contact us and see how our OTT platform can fit your needs.

VOD Library

Foster content consumption through a beautiful digital library of video-on-demand content, that will prompt users to come back to the platform throughout the week.

Community Building

Build a strong user base by inviting users to take part in exciting experiences.

Digital Presence

Have a strong presence in the digital world so new generations can engage and share content on social networks.

Enhanced Experience

Fight piracy by providing an enhanced live stream that viewers will want to experience, and that cannot be replicated on illegal video streams.

Your content broadcasted to anywhere in the world.
Yes, it is that easy.

Live streams of all TV channels beautifully designed for virtually all mobile devices and computers, and easily integrated with your TV schedule.

Live Streams

VOD Library


interactive live stream Solutions
Ott audience engagement

One place. Thousands of hours of content.

Access to a comprehensive video-on-demand library from anywhere and at anytime. And yes, we support SVOD, AVOD and TVOD business models.


TV Guide


It's not on. It's always on.

Viewers are engaged with your TV network 24/7, as our real-time notification engine keeps them updated with the most recent events around your content.


Live Match Center




Cross platform ott solutions
Multi platform OTT Solutions

Involve. Participate. Share.

Our interactive live stream solution allow viewers to engage in live chats, receive contextual information, participate in crowd-sourced events, among other vibrant activities.

Information Overlay

Personalised Information

Facial Recognition

Live Polls

Live Chats

But that's not all.

Still in awe of the previous features? Check it in more detail.

Intelligent analysis during live streams

A breakthrough AI provides users with smart information about statistics of players and matches, during live streams.

Ott interactive solutions

Personalised team notifications

By choosing favourite teams, users can be reminded of the next matches and events through push notifications, and access live information about match highlights, stats, lineups, and videos.

Ott solutions for broadcasters

Schedule highlights

The most important broadcasts are displayed in Instagram-like Stories format when users open the application/website, so they can be immediately up-to-date with the most compelling events.

Easy-to-use TV guide

An intuitive and easy-to-use TV Guide presents the schedule of the different channels for the next days.

Organised VOD

Possibility to browse and search VOD content or TV schedule, and filter by the TV shows categories.