Magycal on “Sociedade Civil”, RTP

Our CEO Eduardo Dias was a guest at Sociedade Civil, a TV show that airs daily on RTP with subjects focused on improving daily lives and guests with a wide experience in solving problems in the most diverse areas.

Eduardo spoke about the freedom mobile devices and the Internet can bring to one’s life, gave some creative solutions to mitigate digital piracy and characterised the key aspects of a great app:

“Nowadays, what defines the quality of an App is the way a person interacts with it, the richness of the interaction – the user experience (UX).

When analysing the evolution of any of the main applications, one of the most evident aspects are the big changes in the user experience. Even in Portugal, when we look at the applications of media outlets (such as SPORT TV, RTP, SIC, TVI, CNN,…) the significant evolution of the user experience is obvious. In addition to the contents that are there (and have always been there), now the design and the way people interact with these applications are taken with great care.

That’s where the big difference is right now.”


Original Video (PT)

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