Should you develop or outsource your Interactive App?

develop or outsource

Choosing between develop or outsource may be a dilemma, especially if you aim to have an innovative app that requires specific knowledge.

Second screen and interactive apps are still very recent products in the market. For that reason, many TV show owners decided to outsource their app development due to the following advantages:

Reduced Time and Costs: if you decide to outsource your app development with an experienced company, the chances are that it will cost you less and it will be faster than creating your in-house team. Most experienced companies have ready-made features that make the process faster and less expensive.

Focus on your Business: App development is a time-consuming project. When you outsource a project, you delegate it to a team that is specialized and focused on developing it. You and your team can focus on the core business activities that require your attention.

Fewer risks: usually, when delegating your project, the outsourcing partner ensures compliance with the deadlines and the agreed budget. These risks are now the partner’s responsibility.

As you may see there are big advantages of outsourcing the development of your app.

The years of experience in this field gave us the know-how that we needed to develop amazing interactive apps in the most efficient way. We have a skilled team with more than 10 years of practical knowledge in creating engaging experiences for TV show audiences, which allows us to deliver world-class projects.

You can find out more about our experience and expertise here.


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