Big Brother and SPORT TV Apps – What do they have in common?


At first sight, these two entertainment products have nothing to do with each other. Yet, both applications are top-ranked at the App Stores.

Even though each app has totally different features, both provide a rich live audience engagement, interaction, and even profitability. The reason why such different entertainment products are performing so well is because both deliver fan experiences tailored to complement the TV experience.

The digital environment and more recently, the pandemic situation, has changed the way people consume entertainment products. Brands need to take advantage of the new opportunities that this change brings. With the Big Brother App and the SPORT TV App, we delivered features like voting in real-time, subscribing to access exclusive content, and chatting live with other users, which helped to create a social and active community around the TV show and the broadcasted live events.

To develop both Apps we used our word-class platform, Magycal, which allows us to create second screen experiences personalized to each audience, matching their motivations and needs. All features were thought and designed specifically to involve users to the point that they were willing to interact, participate, and even pay to access exclusive content.

If you want to know more about these Apps and how you can create audience experiences check the unlimited possibilities of our platform Magycal.


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