Tailored Sponsorship

Create a new channel for sponsors.

All week-long Engagement

Connect spectators with the Talk Show 24/7.

Live Interaction with TV hosts

Provide audience engagement during the live show.

Engaging Features

Foster community building through contests, polls and chats.


interactivity between the presenters and audience.


likes done by users on the News Feed.


quizzes answered.


involvement of the Portuguese communities around the world.

Você na TV

We provided TVI, the leading Portuguese TV station, with a new and compelling TV watching experience for their flagship talk show ”Você na TV”. Through our application, viewers stayed connected to the show all week long by accessing a revolutionary News Feed integrating all social media content related with the show, chatting in real-time with thousands of other viewers, and participating in engaging quizzes everyday. Moreover, viewers interacted live with the TV hosts, by participating in contests, answering polls, and chatting with them, and access content from advertised brands and complementary information perfectly synchronised with the live TV show content.
‘This application was a fantastic idea! People can now be with us at anytime, even after the show is over.’

Cristina Ferreira and Manuel Luís Goucha, TV Superstars

Inês Martins

I love the Você na TV app, it’s way better than I thought!

Vânia Silva

The Você na TV app is the best app ever created.

Margarida Falcão

Besides the application being fantastic, I’m a fan of Cristina and Manuel who are amazing hosts!

Rodrigo Carvalho

I was so glad to be closer to my idols. I love the quiz and the chat features, I met nice people thanks to them.