An award-winning team of successful entrepreneurs, software engineers, designers and marketing strategists.

Lisbon South Bay Office

Our team based in the Lisbon South Bay – Caparica has extensive expertise in areas such as Social Media, Digital Marketing, Second Screen, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Locative Media, Persuasive Computing, and Entertainment. We are passionate about creating a new paradigm of audience engagement, which will take your image to a whole new level, creating disruptive market solutions, and extra revenue streams.

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Eduardo Dias​
Co-founder & CEO

Successful entrepreneur and scientist, responsible for highly lucrative, award-winning flagship products and partnerships with top brands. Holds a PhD in the area of Contextual Awareness.

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Pedro Centieiro
Co-founder & COO

Prolific UX researcher and lead designer of multiple TV apps. Holds a PhD for studying how to enhance fan experience during live sports broadcasts through second screen applications.

Jorge Guedes​​
Co-founder & CRO

Pioneer in the creation of the mobile digital business. Successful entrepreneur, interactive TV show creator and general manager of prominent mobile companies in Latin America, Europe and Africa. Holds a MSc degree in Digital Communications.

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Mário Franco​​
Co-founder & CTO

Senior architect and software engineer that has been developing world-class platforms in multiple technologies for more than 15 years.


Carolina Rosa
Creative and Marketing Director

Gifted and hard-working digital designer who seeks to deliver beautiful interfaces and captivating user experiences. Holds a MSc degree in Design and Multimedia.

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Diogo Cordeiro​
Production Director

Versatile software engineer who has been developing top quality projects in different technologies. Holds a MSc degree in augmented reality.

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Marco Cruz​​
Senior Software Engineer

Talented software engineer with a passion for mobile and game development. Holds a MSc degree in mobile computing for the research conducted with second screen applications.

Sandra Madeira​​
Sales, Marketing and Communication Manager

Avid digital marketeer who has been taking Portuguese brands to the next level for over 7 years. Specialised in competitive strategy, analysis and reporting in the technology field.

Filipe Barrenho
Co-founder & Sr. Consultant, Programming

Software engineer that likes to compare himself to the great MacGyver. He holds an MSc in Computer Science and has been tackling tricky problems and developing world-class solutions for the past 15+ years.

Pedro Sacadura
Co-Founder & Senior Project Manager

A gladsome engineer with a MSc who has been tinkering with tech ever since he got his hands on a ZX Spectrum. He's played the startup roulette a few times and is always ready for action.

Carlos Oliveira​​
Executive Assistant & Customer Support

Versatile multitasker with a knack for dealing with people. Passionate about technology and the ways it can bring new experiences and quality of life to everyday tasks.

Ricardo Santos​
Software Engineer

Software engineer with a passion for mobile and web development. Has just completed his MSc thesis in the areas of persuasive technologies and geographic information systems.


Rita Pereira
Software Engineer

Dedicated software engineer who loves developing web and mobile applications. Holds a MSc in software engineering from the study carried out on the user stories' usability.

Sara Relvas
Junior Software Engineer

Efficient and well organised human with a passion for mobile development. Currently finishing her master thesis on how to improve the UX in non-linear access to VOD content.

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Cátia Silva
Digital Designer

An experienced communication designer that loves to shape delightful, human-centered digital experiences. Holds a degree in Communication Design and a postgrad in Web UX/UI.

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Eneida Lopes
Executive Assistant

Methodic executive assistant who designs the administrative organization and manages the daily routine tasks essential to the good running of the company. Thriving field sales executive for 16 years at DHL.

Gabriel Marcondes​
Software Engineer

Enthusiastic software engineer driven to learn and question previously established processes. Aims to write a MSc thesis on how to develop a multi application real-time platform using cloud serverless technologies.

Fernanda Barth
Software Developer Trainee

Hard-working developer, with a MSc degree in Geographic Information Systems and Science, who fell in love with web development.

Worldwide Team

Our team also comprises worldwide talented individuals that have already participated in the design and development of multiple world-class projects. It consists of senior advisors and consultants with deep knowledge in key areas, and more than 15 years of experience.

Bruno Marques Horta

Co-founder & Sr. Consultant, Digital Marketing

Catarina Pinto de Paiva

Co-founder & Legal Officer

António Câmara

Sr. Advisor, Strategy

Teresa Romão

Sr. Advisor, R&D

Justino Romão

Sr. Advisor, Finance

Hugo Abreu

Sr. Consultant, Mobile Technology

Joaquim Henriques

Sr. Consultant, Business Development

José Danado

Sr. Consultant, Intelectual Property

Rui Prada

Sr. Consultant, Gamification

Bárbara Teixeira

Consultant, Design

Dário Gaspar

Advisor, European Union Grants

João Simões

Consultant, UX Design

José Damião

Consultant, Innovation

João Veríssimo

Consultant, Motion Design

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