State of the art AI

Deploy an Artificial Intelligence to automatically identify contestants during a live show.

Show Popularity

Cross users’ emotions with the show contestants, to ascertain their popularity.

Extra Revenues

Convert viewers into premium app users through a universal payment system.

Community Building

Allow users to chat with their friends and participate on theme communities.


registered users.


messages exchanged within the communities.

40 Million

users’ interactions.

8 Million

shared emotions (love and hate).

Secret Story 7

The application for the 7th edition of the most popular TV show in Portugal, easily surpassed the previous version, which had about 16 million interactions. This version featured an advanced and innovative Artificial Intelligence system to boost live user engagement. For the first time during a live TV show, the popularity of contestants was evaluated by users and through a facial recognition mechanism combined with Artificial Intelligence. The weekly episodes were broadcasted live within the app, and users were able to express their emotions towards the show and each contestant. When the show was on the air, users have access to two buttons so they can express their emotions about what is happening live: Love or Hate. In parallel, the app crossed these user opinions with the facial recognition of the contestants, giving them a percentage score. The popularity of contestants was monitored, in real time, through specific visual elements.

‘In Portuguese television it is the first time that an AI technology is used, and I have no doubts that this technology will play a very important role in the next years.’

Ricardo Tomé, CDO Media Capital, February 2018

Catarina Santos

It is a very good app, especially for those who are not in Portugal.

Martinix Fonseca

I liked it because we can do things as if we were really in the house.

Inês S. C.

I really enjoyed the part where we can interac with other people and with ‘the voice’

Bruno Marques

Best application ever for television programs. Congratulations.