User Conversion

Convert viewers into premium app users through a universal payment system.

Interactive Features

Use the “Voice”, the TV show main character, as the main user interface throughout the app.

User Content Creation

Allow users to play with the ubiquitous “Voice” by recording and sharing dub videos.

24/7 Chats

Foster community building around the show participants.


registered users.


messages exchanged within the communities.

1 Million

“Voice” tracks played.

Full Range

of payment methods virtually covering all possibilities.

Secret Story 6

Secret Story 6 is the official app of Endemol’s top reality show with the same name, resulting from the strong and prolific partnership between Magycal, Media Capital Digital and TVI, the leading TV station in Portugal. 

All the contents of the show are displayed on an elegant News Feed featuring an intuitive segmentation between news, videos and contestants, allowing users to interact through their social media accounts. In this app, users can join several communities to support their favourite contestants and connect with other fans in real time. They can also participate in polls by voting multiple times using Viva Superstars’ unique easy Voting System, see the results of polls, ask questions to their favourite contestants, and have fun creating playback videos using popular voice tracks pre-recorded by the show’s ubiquitous Voice. 

The app also features a VIP membership, which allows international users to watch the show live within the app. The in-app store provides the VIP membership and a set of Credit Packs, which can be used to unlock premium features such as multiple voting, Voice tracks or messages to contestants. Thanks to our world-class platform, purchases can be accomplished through the App Stores, Paypal, Home Banking/ATM, SMS and Carrier Billing, therefore highly improving user conversion.

‘The Secret Story 6 app represents a significant qualitative leap for us and we know that in terms of interactivity, digital payment channels and micro payments there is nothing like it in Europe.’

Ricardo Tomé, CDO – Media Capital

Joana Passos

Congratulations to the team that keeps on working to have a better show each year!

Fábio Fernandes

The app is very well developed. I had a problem which was quickly solved after contacting the support team. Congratulations!

Rodrigo Soares

Nice app with all the information about the show. It is even better than a magazine!

Carlos Batista

The idea to give access to the live stream of the show to people outside of Portugal is really really good, as it helped me a lot to follow the show.