Audience Involvement

Users can interact between them 24/7, building even more the show community and creating buzz around it.


The app becomes a new revenue channel by allowing users to acquire votes and a VIP subscription.

Exclusive Content

Gives access to exclusive content created by the contestants keeping the app relevant and interesting to users.

Bridge between TV and Digital

Different features establish the perfect transaction between the TV show and the digital environment.


publications created by contestants on the app.


of likes and comments made by users on the content produced by contestants.


live streams made available for user interaction.


integration of the contestants posts on the app with Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Like Me

Like Me is a revolutionary TV show that features 12 micro influencers with different areas of expertise. In order to stay in the show and ultimately win the “#1 Portuguese Influencer” title, the contestants need to overcome many challenges and use their creativity to create engaging content while locked in the house (the so-called “Creative Hub”). Who gets less likes during the week will be automatically nominated to leave the house on the weekly show.

The app Like Me was created to help the show reach its fullest potential. The app allows users to vote, interact with others through chats, watch videos and even have access to exclusive content created by the influencers. Moreover, it is possible to pay for a VIP subscription in order to watch the house 24/7 streaming.

With these features, users can express their opinions and give feedback about the show, which enables a higher engagement and creates a feeling of empowerment in users. Like in any social media, users can interact with each other and have access to content. By doing so, the app becomes a new channel of entertainment and gives a soft and coherent transition from TV to the digital environment.

Audience involvement

“There is nothing more human than a reality show that presents people searching for a dream.”

Luana Piavoni and Ruben Rua, TV Superstars

Palmira Teixeira

So far, I’m loving it!

Cidália Ferreira

I liked it! More people should watch it!

Rafael Costa

I love “Like Me” and even I would like to enter the show!

José Araújo

Good show with a great actor.