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magycal goes international

Magycal goes international

The Portuguese company Magycal, which develops media platforms and had a €1.2 million turnover in 2022 (+13% on 2021), is increasing its International business. “After strong

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Company description

Founded by leading digital media experts, Magycal has been at the forefront of revolutionising how people connect with digital content, television shows, and live events.

With our innovative technology and creative mindset, we’ve developed a unique suite of products ranging from an OTT Solution, a Second Screen Platform, and Digital Experiences, empowering our partners with unparalleled audience engagement and effective monetisation strategies.

From the outset with the Cristiano Ronaldo Social Network – Viva Ronaldo, to our award-winning sports OTT for sport tv, the tailored Opto for SIC, and the engaging Panda+ for younger audiences, our journey reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation. Our apps have redefined second screen experiences, offering interactive features that extend beyond the TV screen, such as the TVI Reality app which has hosted multiple Big Brother editions (as well as other popular reality shows) by integrating real-time polls, trivia events, and other social features to transform traditional TV viewing into interactive and engaging experiences.

Our solutions cater to diverse brand needs, creating interactive digital experiences that forge meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. Notable projects include the CNN Portugal app, which enhances the news access and experience, Best Seat, that revolutionised live music shows, and the forward-thinking app for SIC Notícias, which transform news consumption by offering viewers personalised content streams, personalised notifications, and real-time updates.

Our impact is quantifiable: with millions of app downloads worldwide, participation in groundbreaking partnerships, and recognition on international stages such as the IBC Innovation Awards and SportsPro OTT Summit. These achievements are a testament to our role as industry innovators and our influence on the digital engagement landscape.

Today, more than watching, we want people to become part of the experiences. We want to create social, interactive, and immersive activities that transcend the limits of what is possible. We want people to live what they watch.

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