What if you could…?

We challenge you to imagine how we can make people experience thrilling scenarios.

Below are some of those disruptive plots that could be experienced by your audience through our products powered by Magycal. Let’s make amazing interactive experiences come to life. Together.


What if you could know how people felt in July 1969?

By using our technology, it is possible to see people’s opinions and emotions when they watched a TV event, even if it was hours, months or years ago.
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What if you could score a goal with him?

When Cristiano Ronaldo is about to score a freekick, a fan can mimic Ronaldo’s actions while a mobile/smartwatch app is used to determine if he’s doing the actions correctly, and win points accordingly.
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What if you were living a simulated reality?

Telling stories across multiple platforms is becoming very popular, particularly when using digital means through which people can access tailored information. With this in mind, one can think of a reality/game show where viewers are part of the TV show without realising it.

Interactive live stream Solutions

What if you could always attend the Super Bowl?

By installing several video cameras scattered throughout the bleaches, a remote sports fan can experience in first hand what it is like to attend a Super Bowl event, even if he/she is thousands of miles away from the venue, either through a TV, head up display, or mobile device.


What if you could prevent the Red Wedding?

By analysing viewers’ opinions, a TV show could automatically change its narrative in order to pivot to different storyline threads.


What if you could sing a duet together?

During a live music show broadcast, viewers can sing along with their favourite artists by using mobile apps, and the best ones can even be broadcasted to the live venue in real-time.

So, what if you could transform your brand?

That’s possible.