It's Magycal.

Thanks to our fully scalable OTT Streaming Platform, we are creating a new paradigm of fan engagement to take your digital content, TV show or live event to the next level and generate extra revenue streams along the way. We craft and deliver extraordinary interactive and social gamified experiences to emotionally connect properties with millions of fans and followers.

Amazing experiences come to life.

Magycal allows us to deliver amazing experiences for your audience, from concept and design to technical development and commercial deployment. We unleash a whole new world of full experience design.

Product Design

UX Design

Innovation Philosophy

Partner Support

Global Thinking

The ultimate audience engagement.

Involve your audience in a fully gamified environment featuring points, credits, global and regional rankings, prizes, badges, quizzes, polls, and social sharing.

Real-time Competition

Reward System

Fan Career

Location-Based Rankings

Loyalty Culture

Monetise your audience.

We generate new revenues from subscriptions, in-app purchases and carefully crafted, targeted sponsor campaigns and product placement. Besides the app stores, we support payments through ATM, Direct Carrier Billing, Premium SMS & Paypal.

Sponsor Campaigns

Credit Cards



Carrier Billing

Key moments become “Magycal”.

We make fans feel part of a live event TV broadcast through exciting second screen interaction, together with their friends and in real-time.

Key Moments

Polls & Results

Trivia Questions

Emotion Sharing

Live Video Interaction

Social interaction reinvented.

Let fans get closer than ever to their favourite television shows and communicate with friends sharing the same interests, fostering strong community building and engaging users in exciting social interaction.

Friend System

Crowd Sourced Events

Digital Goods Engine

Social Media Integration

Exclusive In-App Content

Powerful. Scalable. Seamless.

Our fully scalable modular cloud streaming platform is the result of seven years of hard work and extensive testing with massive audiences. Its incredible performance keeps your public engaged at all times. Yes, even during those key moments with massive audience peaks.

Fully Scalable

High Peak Performance

Cloud Platform

On-the-fly app setup

24/7 Support

10 %
apps uptime
10 %
user tickets answered in 30 minutes or less
Live Events Covered