10 Magycal Events to Celebrate 10 Years of Magycal


We have been working hard to bring Magycal moments to our clients and partners for the past 10 years. To celebrate this milestone, we organised 10 Magycal events for our team!

1 – Magycal Anniversary Dinner at Darwin’s Restaurant

We had a wonderful dinner at Darwin’s Restaurant, a cosy and elegant place that serves delicious dishes inspired by the travels of Charles Darwin. We enjoyed the food, the wine, and the company of each other. It was a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary and acknowledge our achievements.

2 – Magycal Day in Quinta da Regaleira – Sintra

We visited Quinta da Regaleira, a stunning estate that features a palace, a chapel, gardens, lakes, caves, and mysterious symbols. We explored the hidden secrets of this place and learned about its history and legends. We also took some selfies with the statues and the fountains. It was a Magycal adventure that made us feel like kids again. 🤭

3 – Padel Tournament

A Magycal Padel Tournament 💙 A team-building activity that many recall as “the best padel tournament I’ve attended” (Pedro Centieiro) or “way ahead of the other tournaments I’ve participated! 5* organisation!” (Ricardo Santos)

Congrats to the winners🏅Diogo Cordeiro,🥈Pedro Centieiro, and the finalists 🥉 Mário Franco e Luis Dias.

4, 5 e 6 – 3-Day Trip to Madeira

We had a wonderful trip to Madeira, an island that offers amazing natural beauty and cultural diversity. We walked on beautiful trails, we ate delicious food, such as “espetada” (skewered meat), bolo do caco (flat bread), and poncha (a drink made with rum, honey, and lemon). We enjoyed the Magycal pool of Savoy’s Palace Hotel and visited Funchal city, where we saw the market and the cable car. Madeira was really Magycal!

7 – Picnic at Parque da Paz in Almada

We had a blast at Parque da Paz in Almada, a green wonderland that had everything we needed. We brought some snacks, drinks, blankets, and games. We soaked up the sun, the breeze, and of course, we played football, because we are a team that knows how to kick some goals. 😂

8 – An Epic Night with Board Games

We had an epic night with board games at our office. We brought some of our favorite games and divided into teams, having a lot of fun trying to win, bluffing, cooperating, or sabotaging each other. We also ordered some pizza and drinks to keep us going. And by going, we mean arguing, laughing, and plotting revenge.

9 – A Visit to Figueira da Foz and a Surf Class Experience

We visited Figueira da Foz, a coastal city that has a long sandy beach and a lively atmosphere. We experienced a surf class with Iuri from Dude’s Surf School who taught us how to catch waves and balance on the board. We had a blast surfing in the ocean and feeling the adrenaline rush. We also enjoyed delicious food at a local restaurant.

10 – Escape Room

We tried an escape room at Escape Game Over, a place that offers immersive and challenging scenarios that test our logic, creativity, and teamwork. We had 1h to solve the puzzles and find the clues. We managed to do it with some hints and a lot of cooperation.

We ended our 10 Magycal events with another anniversary dinner, this time at a different restaurant that serves traditional Portuguese cuisine with a modern twist. We celebrated our 11th year of Magycal and reflected on the events we had throughout the year. We thanked each other for the support, dedication, and friendship.



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